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Ma-Ve is a hydraulic motorhome levelling manufacturer committed to creating the highest quality products. Designed to last a long time as a result of the enormous passion and commitment. The staff are all dedicated to achieving a quality product with the latest equipment available.

Our main objective at Ma-Ve is to be your perfect holiday partner. We will brighten your holidays by offering 5-star comfort in your motor home. Most of all, Ma-Ve products will be your faithful travelling companion.

Advanced technology, simple and essential design with careful treatment and research of the best technical solutions are all combined. Furthermore, with the use of the best materials, we make our products unique on the market for reliability, ease of use, size and weight. All of this offered at an unbeatable price.

Our mission is to work hard every day, therefore giving you maximum satisfaction in the use of our products. Designed and manufactured completely in San Marino, the whole system is sourced and built from European parts.

Ma-Ve Automatic Hydraulic Levelling

This kit comprises of:
Pump & Pipework, Control Panel & ECU, Brackets and Legs are all included.

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  • Simple levelling at the push of a button
  • Fully automatic hydraulic levelling jacks
  • Sturdy and vibration-free position
  • Change any tyre easily
  • Additional theft protection & piece of mind
  • Maintenance-free with 3 year warranty
  • Completely hydraulic levelling system
  • Safety feature prevents driving off with hydraulic jacks deployed
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Improved waste water drainage from sink and shower
  • Jacks are retracted hydraulically, preventing them from getting stuck in mud.




Designed and manufactured in Italy, SR Mecatronic fully automatic satellite systems are among the most technologically advanced systems available with constant in house research and development ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation.

Designed specifically for ease of installation and operation the systems have a quiet, precise and reliable operation using powerful motors to drive bronze gear wheels ensuring accurate satellite location and a long maintenance-free life.

Using a DVB-S2 MP4 Full HD Tuner for excellent reception and transmission speed, the electronics clearly inform the user of operation and any possible errors.



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Designed specifically for the UK market, the models displayed all benefit from twin LNB and at least two satellite position memories as standard, with an option for a 15 satellite position upgrade. Operation and automatic updates are also available within IOS and Android app.

​SR Mecatronic UK models offer a range of dish sizes to ensure the best possible reception is received in your chosen location. Our 65cm systems are ideally suited for use across the whole of the UK and into France, while the 85 and 90 cm versions give an extended reception even further into Europe, with the ASR 900 Flat Skew, in conjunction with a satellite receiver, providing UK TV where many similar products would fail.

Uniquely the ASR 680 (65cm) can be upgraded to an ASR 800 (85cm) simply and quickly with the purchase of our upgrade kit.


SR Mecatronic – Airconditioner

Pure excellence…. with a unique, elegant and modern design, made in Italy. SR-MECair is the result of a study that has paid attention to perfecting every detail and has succeeded in creating a unique and technologically advanced product.

Compact and extremely light … SR MECair has been designed to become the new benchmark in the air conditioners for motorhomes and caravans.

Designed to function perfectly under all climatic conditions.


About Avtex

Avtex has been the trusted name for mobile leisure specific TV in the UK for over 25 years.  Our dedicated team design our TV’s with the mobile user in mind.  Sleek design, high quality componentry, rigorous testing, excellent viewing standards and cutting edge features are the hallmark of Avtex products.  

Avtex TV’s are the ‘must-have’ TV for your caravan, motorhome or boat and are installed by many leading manufacturers.  The reliability associated with the Avtex brand means our TV’s are also found in your home, office or hotel.

Avtex televisions are designed from conception for the outdoor leisure industry, specified to operate on 12/24v DC as well as mains AC voltage.The highest specifications are implemented for all Avtex products to incorporate all the very latest technology whilst always ensuring simple uncomplicated operation to the end user.

All Avtex televisions are packed with additional features specifically for the mobile life, including Avtex AQT, one button tuning system, on screen leisure battery meter, built in intelligent power supply monitoring, one button signal indicator low voltage indicator and many more.



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